IVAA Speakers Bookstore

Great Opportunity for ALL Speakers at the IVAA Live Summit.

We have created a space where speakers can have a small area on a table in the Sponsors/ Exhibitors area to showcase their books, products or services.

All items to be sold at the IVAA Bookstore are subject to IVAA’s review and approval.  Items must be applicable to Virtual Assistants.

Speakers are required to ‘man’ the bookstore at the conference. You ARE responsible for all payment processing and delivery of items.   We recommend you have a sales sheet where you can collect information to ‘sell’ your products.

Books or other items, including display items, must be shipped or delivered to the hotel per the hotel shipping instructions at the Speaker’s expense.  After the Summit, any remaining items must be picked up or shipped at the Speaker’s expense.

The space includes table space (Approximately a 2 foot space on a 6 foot table – speakers will share the table space, two to three speakers per table depending on space and availability).  Setup and cleanup daily is the responsibility of the Speaker.

To Reserve your bookstore space, please contact us.

Bookstore space to those not speaking may be available on a first come first served option and  for a nominal fee.  Information may be submitted on the above form.

Shipping instructions can be found on our Exhibiting and Shipping Page.